2. short story

  3. kerosene gene: death in paradise, definitely paradise. 

    a 60 page black and white photography zine, featuring a short screenplay, bible verses and kanye west quotes/lyrics.


  4. page from : bad acne 2

  5. coming soon

  6. i made the best zine in the world with the help of some very very rad people

    46 black and white pages, perfect bound, $10 

    get it with bad acne #1 for $13


  7. the grand Debora Cheyenne's piece for Bad Acne #2

    available on friday 20th June


  8. skimknobbler.tumblr.com collab for Bad Acne #2

    available on friday 20th June


  10. #badacne2 promo video coming tomorrow to vimeo.com/pegasusfarm

  11. "yo it’s crusifix, i’ll see you later, i’ve got rhymes to kill, i’m a fucking slayer. i’ve got ramps to ride, bodies to hide. bad thoughts in my brain, acne on my skin, bad ideas- hard to keep them in. chillen with the ghost twins, left and right side, they don’t say much, a lot on they mind, they produce the illest beats, cold like deli meats. 

    crusifix tony, the one and only- “


    excerpt from BAD ACNE #2, coming soon to you

  12. this is about 3 quarters of my JUNE JULY animation

    coming soon

  13. kerosenegene:

    my zine, titled “death in paradise, definitely paradise” will be released tomorrow, 16/05, through pegasus farm

    its about 60 pages, black and white photos plus a short screenplay i wrote.

    selling for $6.66 (plus postage)


  14. from october last year (?) commissioned by rolling stone aus but not printed because legal reasons with USA etc etc

    anyways, it was for the album review of arcade fire’s reflektor 

  15. cinco de mayo

    (bad acne 2)